Agree Terms

For example, if you sell dedicated server and you have different terms then what you show on your site then you can add the term of this group only. Now when customers order this service/server then it shows the terms they need to agree to.

Now if you sell VPS or other stuff then you can choose a different term for that also.


Multiple Language
Admin can add their own terms on any product group
Admin has the option to delete older agree terms
Admin has the option to delete client agree terms history
Admin can see history with the IP
Admin can see Logs History
Admin area print and email client buttons
Force clients to agree again after agree terms change
2 different agree terms steps (before product configuration and after product configuration)
Client agree terms history with the IP
Multi category selecting
Sub Contact Supporting
Display print/email button on agree terms page
Global term
Display date, time, and IP info on every page with page numbers
Generating PDF file on print
Quote Terms
Optional Terms

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