Client Limitation

WHMCS Services have created a module for vendors who would like to suspend their clients for any reason including if they did not follow the business rules. The client does not have any access to place an order, services or Domains. The only thing the client will have is support tickets and the billing section — just in case they own any invoices they will be able to pay. Also, if you want to stop the client from placing an order only you can also do that.

Admin can see all suspended clients.


This module suspends account and/or stops placed order
You can edit the language
Multiple languages supported
Set expiry date of when limitation should automatically be lifted
Clients total unpaid invoice value must be less than the setting value (0 = disabled)
Provide a reason why a client is limited
Prevent client from reopening closed ticket from client area
Display notification of the account limitation in admin area -> Clients Summary

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