Client Notifications

This is a small module called Client Notifications that allows you to send messages to individual clients or all your Clients at once. With this module, you can send the single message to individual clients or all clients. Once the member login they will see all the messengers received on the front page.

Example: You choose a client and a send message. No one else will see that message but only the intended client. Then if at a later date you decide to send more messages you have the option to delete or let expire the messages.

This is a great module for contacting individual clients, product or by groups.


Can send messages to individual client
Can send messages to all clients
Can send messages to Product Group, Addons or Product
Top or Popup Notification
Allowing a client to show notifications with shortcodes
Set custom colors and font added
Custom css
Auto adding codes to the template file
Create Informative And Advertisement Pop-Ups
Compose Pop-ups Using Predefined Styles
Preview Pop-up With Single Click
Archive Pop-ups For Later Use
View Pop-up Restrictions
View Number of Pop-up Displays
View Pop-up Delay Time
View Pop-up Status
Create Styles To Be Used By Pop-up
Preview Style With Single Click

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