Client Notify

With this module, your clients will get an email when they login, failed login to the accounts or change the password. Each time the clients login they will receive an email with login details or when someone logs in with the email. From module settings, you can uncheck/check if you the admin like to receive the notification emails and client wants to receive the client notify. You also have the ability to check/uncheck his own notification Setting from the client area.

Admin has options to put anything in the email template
Admin can uncheck/check authorize any of the notification emails for clients
Admin can clean the logs with one button
Admin x day can clean the log
Admin / Client will have an option to enable or disable on the Client Area
Admin / Client receive an email when they login
A client can receive a failed login notification email
A client can receive a change password notification email
A client can view a list of all his/her activities log

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