Client Username

Now with client Username module, your clients can register on WHMCS with a username. Also, they can login with the username or email from the same login page. In the admin area, you can delete any username also you can suspend or unsuspend any user. If the user login to the client area he/she will see only a suspended page he/she can’t see any other pages in the client area but the ticket system


Client can create a username
Client can login by username or email
Existing client edit they username
If the existing client create a username he/she can change anytime
Admin can choose to delete the client username database from the settings
Admin can suspend any client username
Admin can put the list of username to be banned
If the client is suspended he/she can’t view the client area only see suspend message
Display client username in “Client Summary” page if configured, or (Not Configured Yet) otherwise (NEW)
Display/manage username in “Client Profile” page, where admins can set/change client’s username (NEW)
Added option in module settings to prevent clients from editing/changing their username once they register (NEW)
Added option in module settings to allow/prevent the use of special characters in usernames (NEW)

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