Close Account

WHMCS Services created a small module of auto-close the account after the customer has either no products or they are all canceled/terminated. Automatically Closed/Inactive or delete the account and it will run each cron and email the admins that receive system emails if there are any clients that have been Closed/Inactive/Delete. You can easily delete multiple clients and also you can choose which clients to delete Active, Inactive or Closed clients.

A client can login to the client area and choose to close the account themselves.


This module won’t close/Inactive accounts if they have any host accounts, domains, invoices (unpaid) or affiliates
You can set the days before it closes accounts or inactive in the addon
Staff that are set to receive system emails will only get the emails
Email you a separate cron report
You can see all your clients that are closed
You can Delete Multiple clients manually
Email sent to a client that is Closed/Inactive/Delete
Account will not be closed if there is a billable item
You see a note on client account when they close the account

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