FastTrack Ticket

With this module, you give your customers the option to “FastTrack” their tickets. Your customers decide if their current requests are in need of the highest priority. And you set the price. This is great for your business as you prioritize and select problems your customers need addressing ASAP.

Users will have the option to choose ‘priority service’ on a support ticket. If a user has already submitted a ticket without indicating ‘priority service’ then we will provide normal service. If a user submits a new ticket we will have the option for a user to select ‘priority service.’

For New Ticket: Customers can choose to open a ticket for priority service or for normal service. If a user chooses a priority service then we generate a billable item that will include an invoice.

For Generated Ticket: Customers will be shown the option to choose priority service on a sidebar. If a customer selects this service we will generate an invoice and the customer needs to pay this first before a ticket is answered.

Opening Hours

Not every business provides support round the clock, and not every customer understands this. This module gives you control on when your departments are “open” by allowing you to set down to the minute opening hours for each department.

When your departments closed it displays a neat sidebar widget with titles and text you control to explain the department is closed and when it will be open. It doesn’t lock the department out as no-one could open or reply to tickets, but it does let your customers know when to expect a reply.


Convert the invoice amount to the client’s currency
Multiple Language Support
Supports WHMCS Blend Template
Supports WHMCS Templates six
Opening Hours

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