MailerSend Mail Provider

What is MailerSend?

Founded in 2020 and has a focus on providing API-based email services for developers. MailerSend was born out of our 10+ years of email deliverability experience. We knew the current process of sending transactional emails could be simplified, more intuitive and team-friendly. This solution includes 12,000 free emails per month.

What do MailerSend Mail Providers do?

The email delivery – the rate at which your emails actually make it to the inbox of the recipient – is vital to having a good relationship with your customers. And while no-one can guarantee email deliverability, there are services which take care of many of the complexities of email setup and administration to give your emails the best chance possible:


Supports WHMCS Blend Template
Test Configuration
Configuration confirm message
Error activity log

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