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WHMCS Services has created a PayPal Modules called WHMCS PayPal Extended. Why should you use WHMCS PayPal Extended module? Well, WHMCS PayPal Extended has TWO more features does not have. In addition, WHMCS PayPal Extended help customer conducting PayPal disputes because of many times clients email or call PayPal to report that they did not place the order because the address or email listed is not their address or email as neither was verified.

Here are the features:


When a client signs up and pays with a different email that is not your PayPal account, the addon will send an email to your PayPal ID to you verify your order then is activate your order.
Let say if a client signs up and uses a different address and none of the above details doesn’t match then the addon will grab the details from PayPal’s API and update the info on WHMCS’s Client Area.
Send email to admin if the email did not match PayPal email
Send email to client if admin approve payment
Selection for the admins who will receive the email
An email to admin to notify if the payment pass x days so they can refund the payment
Email Templates page
Admin can add the payment Manual
Admin can refund manually without x days
Admin can resend the email
Admin enable or disable Auto Cancel Subscriptions
Admin can see the logs at Activity Log

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