Staff Notes

This module has 2 part one is Ticket Notes will add a notes box in the ‘Manage Ticket’ page to give the staff the ability to add relevant notes about the ticket. Other staff members will be able to see notes as well as add additional notes as they work on the ticket. The notes will always appear at the top of the ticket with this module. With this addon, WS Ticket Notes, the notes will always appear at the top of the ticket.

Note that with built-in module, If the ticket is long then you always have to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the notes.

Then the second part is Order Notes that is perfect for peoples who sell dedicated servers. When clients orders a dedicated server an admin staff needs to make note that the client needs to wait for a hard drive, raid card, etc. Now when another admin staff opens this order he/she can see that notes and can inform the customer about the delay or share additional information based on the notes.


Supports WHMCS Blend and v4 Template
Multi-Language Support.
Order Notes: Staff can write a note that order needs to wait of etc..
Ticket Notes: Can use Staff Mentions

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